The approach and fashion of a language are important elements of its style.

It’s no different with Jazz Bebop.


In this lesson, you’ll learn essential elements of Jazz Bebop lines. I address things such as: Bebop scales, chromatic approaches, landing over chord tones, I also cover some essential approaches and enclosures.


Spend some time going over the examples.

Then apply them to different tunes, materials, and jams.

If you have any questions, let me know!


Yes, There’s a lot of work and effort involved in learning a language.

It’s not just about learning tools, it’s also about listening to lots of music that you enjoy

and being able to transcribe parts of it till it becomes a part of you.


I can’t emphasize enough how much joy you get from this style.

It’s so creative, and there are so many embellishments and rhythms you can do.





 The Ultimate Fretboard Mastery Guide

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