by Daniel Weiss



How’s it going?
Daniel Weiss here,

Do you Struggle soloing creatively over different chord progressions?
Do you Want to create more sophisticated melodic lines but..
Feel limited in your Jazz/Fusion vocabulary?
Ever feel it is time to go beyond and think ‘outside the box’ with some fresh sounds but..
you don’t really know where to start?

well, If you answered yes to any of these questions I know exactly how you feel.
I’ve been there myself not that long ago.

I’ve spent 2 decades practicing, exploring, creating and perfecting my playing,
and was lucky enough to study with some of the best teachers in the world.
So today as a busy professional musician and educator, I feel blessed to be able to create and play the way I want, and enjoy an exciting international career.

It is my mission to help my students unleash their creativity, enhance their musical ability and find joy in playing the music we all love so much.

So if you’re interested in learning how to:

  • create solos,
  • create super melodic lines over sophisticated chord progressions,
  • and think ‘out of the box’..

This will be a special treat for you!




51 Galactic Jazz Licks takes you to the next level of ‘outside the box’ thinking

Within these licks you will master advanced arpeggios and substitutions, so you can apply these skills in any musical situation.

51 Galactic Jazz Licks goes way beyond by drawing inspiration from advanced jazz theory to teach you the sounds you won’t learn anywhere else. You’ll master advanced concepts like ‘in’ and ‘out’ triads, extended arpeggios, scale integrations and more…

Every concept is taught with creative licks and melodic ideas, so the theory becomes instantly musical.

“If you are looking to expand your vocabulary and licks with some really tasty and ‘out of the box’ ideas, this is for you!”

Kaspar Jalily from France

“A great way to get more modern sounds and outside sounds into your playing.”

Matt from England

“this is a really cool place to start and learn more about jazz.”

Soorya from India

” The licks are an awesome way to expand your vocabulary and also explore new interesting sounds.”

Gal from Israel

“Every lick has a unique modern sound and the website is really easy to use. I guarantee you will have fun with this course.”

Ernesto from Ecuador

“This is a super good product that helps you increase and develop your playing and soloing”

Mattias from Chile


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If you decide within 14 days the course isn’t worth your money.
Just write me and I will refund your money.
No questions asked!

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Daniel Weiss – International Guitarist – Composer – Recording Artist – Educator

‘Guitar Idol 2016’ finalist and a Berklee College of Music graduate. His exceptional abilities and unique style led Weiss to be a highly sought-after musician with a rich international career as a guitarist, composer and arranger.
Weiss was featured in Lick Library, Premier Guitar, Guitar Idol, Normans Rare Guitars, and Bass the World to name a few.