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Galactic Modern Guitar II

Welcome to Galactic Modern Guitar ii, Our adventure continues as we delve into the core elements unleashing new levels of creativity and expression on the fretboard.

The guitar can be a challenging instrument, mastering its fundamental elements – harmony and melody – is key to unlocking our full potential.
and in this 2nd part of the series, you’ll delve into the connection between these elements and learn how to harness them for your own creative expression.

You’ll be introduced to a perspective that will deepen your understanding of scales, diatonic harmony, and how they interrelate.
By practicing these connections, you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of the guitar, enabling you to play with greater fluidity and harmonic, melodic expression.

This course builds on the solid foundation you’ve practiced in the first part of the Galactic series, gradually adding layers of complexity as you progress. You’ll be challenged to play in all 12 keys with limitations, helping you to unify all elements of your playing.

Incorporating play, improvisation, and experimentation into your practice will bring out your unique voice and make you a more confident and expressive guitarist. So, are you ready to take your playing to new heights?

Join me on this exciting journey of discovery and growth, and let’s get started!