Galactic Diminished Licks & Workouts

Master the Mysterious Diminished Scale

Add an

Ocean of Colors and Interest Into Your Playing


Diminished Licks and Workouts

Symmetrical Sounds: Craft innovative melodies with symmetrical elegance for attention-grabbing edge.

Motivic Mastery: Forge cohesive melodies, elevate fluidity, and empower dominant chords.

Contrast Amplified: Infuse solos with dimensional tension, giving dominant chords brilliance.

Symmetrical Thrills: Harness unique sequences, enriching your dominant chord soloing.

Genre-Fusion: Blend genres effortlessly, revolutionizing dominant chord expression.

✰ Unleash limitless possibilities with the diminished scale.

✰ Elevate your playing, reshape your sound

✰ Amplify your dominant chords’ allure.

Once you master it your soloing becomes..







Unleash the Magic of the Diminished Scale: 

In this course I made sure you have everything you need,
to master this absolutely magical Diminished scale.
So you can upgrade your soloing and overall playing.

The course comes in 2 parts:

Starting with 5 of my personal favorite unique, never heard before, explosive workouts.
Spread over 15 videos, these workouts are complete step by step in different tempos so they are easy to master and a lot of fun to play.
Tabs and notations, and my original backing tracks complete this first fun part 🙂

The second part of this course, includes 10 fresh and exctining new diminished scale licks.
With tabs and notations and the original backing tracks I created especially for this course.
This really is the icing on the cake – playing these exciting phrases making them your own!

I really made sure I covered all bases!

So here’s what you get:

So, if you are into modern guitar sound and love it like I do, you can’t miss this course.

This is a real “no brainer”!

Enroll now for a transformative musical journey.

Here’s what some of my students are saying –

“It helped me to explore the guitar and getting exposed to some spicy sounds and enrich my phrasing.”
Michael Dubovik

“If you are looking to complete your understanding in a musical context…and understand the exotic nature of where music can take you..This is the course for you!  ”
Chai from Switzerland

One Time Payment of


If you decide within 14 days the course isn’t worth your money.
Just write me and I will refund your money.
No questions asked!

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Daniel Weiss – International Guitarist – Composer – Recording Artist – Educator

‘Guitar Idol 2016’ finalist and a Berklee College of Music graduate. His exceptional abilities and unique style led Weiss to be a highly sought-after musician with a rich international career as a guitarist, composer and arranger.
Weiss was featured in Lick Library, Premier Guitar, Guitar Idol, Normans Rare Guitars, and Bass the World to name a few.