Galactic Diminished Licks & Workouts

Master the Mysterious Diminished Scale

Add an

Ocean of Colors and Interest Into Your Playing

How’s it going? Daniel Weiss here.

Lets talk about modern guitar sound!

Don’t you just love it when everything sounds fresh and exciting? I know I do!

As advancing guitar players we are always looking for new colors to blend in to our music.
From my experience one of the best ways to expand and add an ocean of color and interest is by using this “mysterious” diminished scale.

Are you familiar with the Diminished Scale? ever heard of it?
The diminished scale is a unique scale used to solo over diminished seventh chords AKA Dim7.

Once you master it your soloing becomes..








Diminished Licks and Workouts

In this course I made sure you have everything you need,
to master this absolutely magical Diminished scale.
So you can upgrade your soloing and overall playing.

The course comes in 2 parts:

Starting with 5 of my personal favorite unique, never heard before, explosive workouts.
Spread over 15 videos, these workouts are complete step by step in different tempos so they are easy to master and a lot of fun to play.
Tabs and notations, and my original backing tracks complete this first fun part 🙂

The second part of this course, includes 10 fresh and exctining new diminished scale licks.
With tabs and notations and the original backing tracks I created especially for this course.
This really is the icing on the cake – playing these exciting phrases making them your own!

I really made sure I covered all bases!

So here’s what you get:

So, if you are into modern guitar sound and love it like I do, you can’t miss this course.

This is a real “no brainer”!

Here’s what some of my students are saying –

“It helped me to explore the guitar and getting exposed to some spicy sounds and enrich my phrasing.”
Michael Dubovik

“If you are looking to complete your understanding in a musical context…and understand the exotic nature of where music can take you..This is the course for you!  ”
Chai from Switzerland

One Time Payment of


If you decide within 14 days the course isn’t worth your money.
Just write me and I will refund your money.
No questions asked!

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Daniel Weiss – International Guitarist – Composer – Recording Artist – Educator

‘Guitar Idol 2016’ finalist and a Berklee College of Music graduate. His exceptional abilities and unique style led Weiss to be a highly sought-after musician with a rich international career as a guitarist, composer and arranger.
Weiss was featured in Lick Library, Premier Guitar, Guitar Idol, Normans Rare Guitars, and Bass the World to name a few.