Guitar Secrets by Daniel Weiss

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Galactic Modern Guitar I

Welcome to a journey of musical discovery that will transform the way you approach guitar playing.

As your guide, I’m thrilled to share my knowledge with you and provide a structured approach to learning that has helped hundreds of my students succeed.

When I began my own journey, I faced a challenge in soloing over chord changes despite having a strong musical intuition. It took years of hard work, studying with various teachers, studying countless books, and attending music college before I discovered the most efficient way to connect the elements that are the backbone of being able to do it, and feel free and expressive while doing it.

Now, I have found a way to ensure that you can learn this without confusion, struggle, or paralysis analysis, and without spending tens of thousands of dollars.

Throughout this course, we’ll gradually connect the dots, introducing you to triads, scales, arpeggios, chromatic approaches, and unique ways to be creative with them. My aim is to provide a framework that allows you to explore the guitar and understand how its components connect.

You’ll learn how to recognize chords anywhere on your fretboard, understand their diatonic context, and see the scales, arpeggios, and melodies that could be created around them. From basic theory to advanced jazz techniques, we’ll build a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of music theory together.

As we progress through each module, take your time and make sure you feel comfortable before moving on to the next one. I recommend taking one module a week, allowing yourself enough time to absorb the material and practice.

When you practice, focus on each note and chord, feeling the sound resonate through your fingertips. Consider the emotion behind each melody and how you can convey it through your playing. With each new skill you acquire, you’re building knowledge and inviting creativity into your playing.

This course is about discovering the mechanical nature of music as it translates to the guitar visually and finding your own voice to express it through your playing. Trust in the process and know that with each module you complete, you’re one step closer to becoming a master of your craft.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, let’s unlock your potential on the guitar.

Every musician curious about improvisation, regardless of the genre, knows there is a big challenge involved.
Improvisation demands total control, awareness, and presence in every moment of the act.

There are so many aspects to improvisation that breaking it down to digestible steps may seem overwhelming, even impossible at times.
As musicians, we may ask ourselves ‘how will I ever make sense of all of this?‘ My answer is one step, one level at a time.

But I don’t know which notes to play…
Those chords keep changing! Where do I even start?

Well, I start by giving up my pride and stepping back into the beginner’s mindset, constantly.
Diving deep, and I mean DEEP, into the basics of harmonic melodic control – TRIADS!

This course is designed to show you the steps in order to get these fundamentals down.
But it is you who is in charge of your own progress.

I will show you the way, however, the daily work is up to you.
I have been practicing this material for over a decade and a half, even before my Berklee days.
I still go back to it – again and again, the basics never get old.

The tree grows up and branches out, but it is the roots that give it substance.
So roots are very important to keep in music.
If you lose the root, the tree dies.

Ziggy (Marley) is preaching the truth.
We must learn the basics, these are our foundations and our roots.

I wish you good luck. May the material in this course answer your soul’s deepest melodic wishes.

Daniel Weiss (2020)

Dear Student,

I want to share with you a powerful tool that can help you stay motivated and committed to your guitar practice routine. These affirmations I created are designed to align your thoughts and intentions with your goals as a musician, unlocking your full potential and accelerating your progress.

As you go through your journey of learning and mastering the guitar, remember to trust in your own unique style and sound. Embrace challenges and opportunities for growth, knowing that success takes time and effort. By staying disciplined and committed to practicing regularly, you will improve your skills and unlock new possibilities on the fretboard.

Here are 10 powerful affirmations that can help you stay motivated and committed to your practice routine. Take some time to revisit them regularly and use them as a daily ritual to align your thoughts and intentions with your goals as a guitar player.

  1. I am grateful for the gift of music in my life.
  2. I am committed to continuing to cultivate my own musical growth and expression,
    without the need for external comparison or approval.
  3. I am confident in my ability to understand and apply music theory concepts on the fretboard.
  4. I am confident in my ability to connect the dots on the guitar.
  5. I trust my instincts when it comes to finding my own unique style and sound on the guitar.
  6. I am open to new challenges and opportunities for growth as a musician.
  7. I am proud of the progress I’ve made so far and excited for what’s to come.
  8. I am at peace with the process of learning and growing as a guitar player.
  9. I am focused and present in each practice session, giving my best effort every time.
  10. I acknowledge that everyone has their own unique qualities, and I embrace my individuality as it shines through these fundamental elements of music mechanics.


You can use these affirmations as a ‘pre-practice ritual’, repeating them before or/and after each practice session. By aligning your thoughts and intentions with your goals as a musician, you can accelerate your progress and unlock your full potential. The power of belief and thought is one of the most powerful tools you have.

I highly recommend that you write your own affirmations for your guitar practice routine.
Since this is a personal matter,

Remember to keep your affirmations positive and focused on what you want to achieve. Instead of stating what you will not do, focus on affirming what you are and what you want to become. For example, instead of saying “I will not compare my progress to other musicians,” say “I am grateful for my unique journey in guitar playing and I trust my own abilities to achieve my personal goals.”

By writing your own affirmations, you’ll be able to tap into your own inner voice and motivation, which will help you stay committed to your guitar practice routine. Use these affirmations as a daily ritual to align your thoughts and intentions with your goals as a guitar player.

You are capable of achieving great things with your guitar playing.
Trust in yourself, stay committed to practicing regularly, and believe in your own unique style and sound.

With love and respect,
Daniel Weiss