A Journey of Discovery, Creativity and Growth

My Music

A Moment of Gratitude

It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with so many talented individuals, on so many diverse and exciting projects over the years.

As an active musician for over 20 years, I have traveled to many diverse places both geographically and consciously.
With every experience, there has been an opportunity for self-discovery, creativity and growth, in this never-ending journey known as music.

Having said that, this page can be quite lengthy. As an alternative, I have decided to share some precious moments that, I hope, will be both enjoyable and inspiring for you.


Working with a team and making decisions together has never been a problem for me. My desire to be a leader and produce my own album came pretty recently.

That’s why I’m really excited to let you know that the album is finally here!

Quarantine sessions

Tiny Tunes

An entirely WhatsApp-driven project.
When everyone shares ideas openly, everyone comes together without hesitation to propel the idea forward as quickly as possible.

So here are some tiny tunes (as the name suggests) that we got to release during these “quarantined” times.

It is finally here – my first album as a leader

Square To Check

This was the craziest, most ambitious project I’ve worked on. There were so many productions, master classes, festivals, collaborations, and completely delusional situations that we played together. It’s definitely an experience like none other. The collaboration started as a jam session.

We quickly realized that our chemistry was a gold mine of ideas. It was clear what our priorities were – meeting, evolving, and creating!

My eternal gratitude extends to the opportunity to be a part of this “galactic vehicle” that constantly kept me on my toes and pushed me way beyond my current abilities.

With the first EP, you got a fresh, cool sound!

By the second EP, you could feel the level of ambition we shared when we decided to work with an orchestra for the first time.

“Square to Check’s “Stir Fry” is a breath of fresh air that puts musicality and melody before flash and fireworks. Highly recommended!”