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51 galactic Jazz Licks

51 Galactic Jazz Licks

Build powerful solos with creative modern Jazz vocabulary. Create exciting solos, create super melodic lines over sophisticated chord progressions, and discover how to think ‘out of the box’.

diminished licks and workouts

Galactic Diminished Licks & Workouts

Master the Mysterious Diminished Scale and add an Ocean of Colors and Interest Into Your Playing. With these exciting unique “Chops Accelerating” workouts & fresh and exciting diminished licks

Galactic Modern Guitar

Galactic Modern Guitar

Master the Foundations of Guitar Soloing. A source for infinite inspiration, that will lead you to deep exploration of the guitar through a unique musical journey. Build FOCUS & CONFIDENCE, gain control of the fundamental chord changes.

the K$y Limited edition bundle

The K4Y Limited Edition bundle

Available now for a very limited time.
For enjoyment inspiration and a unique practice experience.

HQ Wav/  HQ Mp3 files
Complete Guitar Transcription PDF
Minus Guitar Play-along.



Galactic Zoom Groups

Fundemnetal, Intermediate and Advanced level groups.

Galactic Modern Guitar copy copy

1:1 Online Coaching

Accelerate your progress with the personal attention you need.

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