Beyond Scales And Theory

Feel Lost Or Overwhelmed? Read This.

When we use our heart and Imagination to transform the knowledge we require, into sound and story, we go into the truth of our unique musical journey.

Dancers, painters, writers, musicians what do they all have in common?
They use their craftsmanship to make sense of their lives and of the lives that exist around them!

So how do we achieve that high level of artistry?
The way we perceive what we learn, while we learn has EVERYTHING to do with the results we are finally gonna get. Clarity is everything for an artist.

The Visionary

‘Begin with the end in mind’

Efficient tips for your journey:

  1. Choose your endeavors with intention.
  2. Answer the question of the true motivation, behind your decisions.
  3. Use this journey to find your own sense and purpose while embracing your uniqueness.
  4. Strive to create a more holistic mental picture of where you are heading with all of this.

In other words – What’s your goal?

Answering your own questions:

It Is my belief that every single time I pick up my instrument I become a student.

Even if I could spend ten lifetimes with music, I would still remain its student, since music is an endless journey.

So, if being a musician means forever being a student of the art, then what would be the most important focus point for an ongoing self discovery?

When asked what Is the best way to learn music Chick Corea replied:

“If you are trying to learn something, you have to be the one wanting to learn it. So once you have that going it has to be an intention and purpose that you are trying to fulfil. It is not that you are looking for someone else to be a judge of what you are doing, we are not in some game of there being some authority.”

In order to learn, I mean really learn. The student needs to be hungry to learn about the topic!

If a student of music were to ask “why should I bother to learn this?” I’d say “Great question. Why are you here today, why should you bother? Why should we do anything? ”

Before I answer (I reckon we are all itching for the perfect answer that will unlock our full potential) I need to say this:

When we use our heart and Imagination to transform the knowledge we require, into sound and story, we go into the truth of our unique musical journey.

A voice might emerge naturally from there.

When our motivations are based on love for the process – it fuels our imagination so we cannot help but express what we have discovered.

It Is only when we are open to the possibility of exploring our connection to life, will we be able to live exactly that!

Since this article Is being published on the first few days of 2021,

here Is my wish for us along with a couple of questions following that:

To know what we don’t know.

To access more freedom in our art

To manifest infinite self expression with what we do.

And to play whatever we may wish for.

What if there is a way to dissolve all questions and just be able to merge with the art form that we choose to devote our lives to? Would we not choose to seek such a possibility? I would!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.

For knowledge is limited,

whereas imagination embraces the entire world,

stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” Albert Einstein

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