The creation of a song – From bitter to sweet


Hi, Friends!


I’ve released a new song/video called ‘Dan’s Mode’, and I would like to use this post to share with you the story behind how this piece came to be:

While I was living in NYC, on an especially cold day, I was coming home from ‘Smalls’ or ’55 bar’, where I had been listening to the amazing musicians who often play those jazz venues. 

When I got back home, I made a cup of tea

It was nice to drink something hot; however, I felt quite the opposite – lonely and cold. 

The quick solution was to pick up the guitar and start messing around with a few chords.

Out of this came: a progression that led me to develop the initial sketch of ‘Dan’s Mode’!


Five to six years later I finally sent the ‘Dan’s Mode’ demo to my friend Yaniv Taubenhouse (Incredible pianist/composer)

After checking my piece out, the abundantly creative Yaniv started adding to the sketch his beautiful ideas for an Intro, applying his own clarity to the bass line, giving his own spin on the melody, and of course introducing a whole new part to the ending of the piece – precisely what I needed in order to complete ‘Dan’s Mode’.

I think the key point to completion is a collaboration with other musicians and most importantly with yourself!  I write my posts with the hope of inspiring and helping others on their journey. Positivity and motivation are solid foundations on which to move forwards in our musical endeavors; and yet what would happen if our doubts and questions were left out of music?  Would we have ever heard the bittersweet preludes of Bach, the melancholy sounds of Wes Montgomery, and the mind-bending melodies of Charlie Parker?  

In this spirit ‘Dan’s Mode’ was made; even though I felt low, my mind was probably letting it be, allowing me to translate the feelings I had at the time into an authentic expression – a sound, a voice.

Be true to your music, trust your voice to guide you through the ups and downs of musical and living experience!

Take care, Friends!


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It is finally here – my first album as a leader


Each and every song in this album has been carefully performed from the center of our collective musical solar plexus, capturing the music at its most fresh and inspired point.



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