What’s the secret to keeping up with 300 bpm improvisations,

While making it sound effortless and flowing?

When it comes to playing fast lines, my biggest breakthrough was realizing the way
I want my playing to feel and sound.

for me, it’s all about how I’m imagining my lines!

  • What would they sound/feel like?
  • How can I execute them easily? 
  • How can I make them as comfortable as possible to play?

 –> Our goal is to get the sound we imagine into our fingers!

For me, that means I always have to find the best ways to practice my lines, arpeggios and scales to get to that place!

You see, I wanted the technique and ability to control speed without sacrificing the quality of my phrasing.

I had to ask myself:

  • When do I use alternate picking?
  • When Do I play legato and utilize hammer-ons and pull-offs? 
  • How many strings am I using for arpeggios?
  • Am I a sweeper? 

In terms of sound, I knew what I like!

I guess I was going for that flute or saxophone phrasing sound.

As far as guitar players go, I enjoy listening to players like

John Scofield and Allan Holdsworth – who incorporate legato in such a musical way!

I wanted to find these Legato qualities in my own playing! 

and In this video I show you my take on

How YOU can manifest EXACTLY that.

 The Ultimate Fretboard Mastery Guide

It is finally here!