An Ultra Modern Jazz Lick that Works Over ANY Chord

How about a Modern Jazz Lick That Works on Any chord?

In this video lesson I show you a a cool modern jazz lick from my song K4Y, from my album “DIVE” that actually sounds good on ANY chord. Whether you’re a jazz, fusion, or rock player this lick will add some tension to your playing and give it a modern edge.

So let’s dive into it!

The key to this lick is to approach it as a modern “outish” effect that can be put into all kinds of chords to create tension. In this video lesson, I’ll explain it over D7, but feel free to try it out on any chord you like to get different tensions.

Mainly based on 4ths and chromatic movement, This pattern is pretty easy to follow and can be played in different areas on the guitar. 

modern jazz lick

Can I really play this modern jazz lick on any chord?

Yes !

You can play this modern jazz lick on so many chords since it’s more of an “out sounding” thing.

If you’re interested in more modern phrasing, check out my course 51 Galactic Jazz Licks. And if you really want to go deep into the fundamentals of the fretboard and understand all the arpeggios, diatonic elements, and how to create basic to more modern sounds, check out our Galactic Modern Guitar course in the description below.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and learned something new.

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