As Improvisers, why is it so critical to focus on minor 2-5-1s progressions?

Is there a reason why this needs to be highlighted?

As a guitarist, and teacher – I can say most aspiring Jazz (or any improvised music) guitar players place the majority of their attention on major 251s rather than balancing minor and major progressions.

Minor cadences cannot be neglected in music as they play such an important role.

It is very important to keep in mind that when discussing jazz harmony melody relationships,
the use of modes from melodic minor, diminished, and their relationships/points of resolution
Is really a must discover for anyone who wishes to feel comfortable playing melodies,
let alone improvising over them in this idiom.

Im Starting off this video with a short improvisation over a 251 minor cadence Dm7b5 G7 Cm, I don’t thing anything specific went through my mind, 


When I listen back I can definitely recognize those embellishments, superimpositions, chromaticism, melodic minor modes.. 

So in this lesson I’m going to show you 3 guitar phrases (licks) that will reveal to you those fundamental elements of minor 2-5-1 Cadences in the easiest way possible.
I made sure to include  tabs/notation and analysis!

I really do hope you enjoy these sounds and feels.


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