Dear Friends,

I have been waiting for this moment, for quite a long time now.

I truly feel that the creation and culmination of this album is the right remedy at the right time.

Each and every song in this album has been carefully performed from the center of our collective musical solar plexus,

capturing the music at its freshest and most inspired point.

All these songs were recorded in one long magical day at the studio.

It is with great love and gratitude that I present this collective freshness to you today.

Enjoy the Dive.


Daniel Weiss



Track Samples:

1) Land of The Dreamers

2) K4Y

3) Dan’s Mode

4) Tooth Pick

5) Back Home

6) Earth


Track 1 2 3 4 & 6 Composed by both: Daniel Weiss and Yaniv Taubenhouse

Track 5 “Back Home” composed by Daniel Weiss.

Album Produced by Daniel Weiss

Guitars – Daniel Weiss

Piano/Rhodes/synthesizer – Yaniv Taubenhouse

Bass – Iggy Jackson-Cohen (1, 2 & 4)

Drums – Yogev Gabay (Tracks 1,2 & 4)

Bass – Lior Ozeri (3, & 6)

Drums – Sharon Petrover (Tracks 3 & 6 )

Tenor/Soprano Saxophones – Omri Abramov (Tracks 3 & 6)

Percussion – Nadav Gaiman (Tracks 1, 3, 6)

Recorded,Engineered by Jonathan Barak

Mixed and Mastered by Yan Perchuk California – U.S.A

Artwork By: Chris Moschler

Dr. "Buzz" Frenzy (Matthew J Hesse)
Dr. "Buzz" Frenzy (Matthew J Hesse)@docfrenzy
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A welcome, upbeat, fusion-y album leaning to the jazz side, deftly flirting in the smooth mode of a Grant Geissman or Spyro Gyra, but also occasionally venturing farther out --very satisfyingly-- to the atmospheric realms of Metheny/Scofield or Return to Forever. Daniel and crew are very evidently simpatico; no noodling here, only purpose and cohesion... and joy. My ONLY quibble: I'd love to hear more than 42 minutes of this! But there's always the "Repeat" option... hey, it worked for me! 😉 Favorite track: K4Y.
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Daniel’s 1st outright jazz airing. An eclectic set of exciting and refreshing tracks, with many changes of mood and pace. Ensemble playing of remarkable synergy, with the core team - Iggy, Yaniv, and Yogev - and the old ‘Square to Check’ Team too. He is the most self-effacing and generous of musicians, as his tutorial students will attest; this underpins the shared inspiration that shines here. Daniel’s jazz energies have been brewing for a while now. It has definitely been worth the wait. Favorite track: K4Y.
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Lovers of jazz, fusion, prog, whatever - forget the labels, give this a listen or three, and enjoy hearing contemporary music at it's best - and grab a copy - musicians have to eat too! A delight from beginning to end, I recommend this album for any discerning listener, appreciative of good music played well, regardless of genre. Daniel encourages his students to 'find their own voice' - Daniel has definitely found his with this album. Favorite track: Earth.
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This album has allowed me to deep DIVE within. The song, "Land of The Dreamers" provides me with some special vibes to sway along to. For me this album is an experience to indulge and involve myself into. Every second of it is just Top Class, such a prized possession, indeed. I am in total awe, of the way this album unfolds. Favorite track: Land of The Dreamers..
Alan Benjamin
Alan Benjamin@adventdude
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Creative, inspiring, and masterfully performed modern jazz/fusion, complete with great compositions and excellent production as well. Quite an awesome first album purchase of 2021 and highly recommended. Favorite track: K4Y.

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