Land of the Lydian

Lydian Is one of my favorite scales, and I have a feeling that I am not the only guitar player who feels that way. Its bright and shiny colors always seem to get everyone excited. Its beautiful harmonies and diatonic’s offer rich possibilities which never seem to age no matter what style one creates. Another mystical thing about Lydian is how great it fits the natural tone of the guitar.

It is, by all means, a scale full of wonder and joy!

While watching the video and learning the phrase Is probably why you are here, I would also like to give you a few pointers. You will also notice I hint at some of them in the video as well.

But first, here Is a delicious Lydian voicing for you to chew on! The one I play in the video at 01:02.

This beautiful: Lydian Maj 9 #11 in E, Voicing is one of my favorites, with a ninth and of course, the Lydian’s trademark sound – the #11.

Have you experimented with open string chord voicings before?



Even though my moves are mostly diatonic in this phrase
(as In: mostly using the notes which are derived from the scale’s notes) I do include some chromatic approaches.

Chromaticism Is a big part of my musical vocabulary which has been heavily inspired by jazz and bebop musicians such as Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Chick Corea.

Those of you who have joined my online programs know that I make sure to demonstrate and teach a wide variety of chromatic use over various chords, scales, and progressions.
and present them as one of the ultimate boosters of melodic line construction.

Make your lines stand out

  • Explore diatonic structures using thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sevenths, etc.
  • Balance the shape of your phrases by using different intervals
  • Experiment with creating well-balanced melodic lines that represent your taste and sense of style.

Whenever I practice any scale I make sure to Dive deeply into its harmony, intervals, and diatonic environment, doing that has transformed my playing.

We Are All Unique

Just as every artist has their own way of putting ideas together every musician has his own way of coming up with melodies aka; lines, phrases, licks that resonate directly with what they hear in their mind, taste, and ideal.

The way one perceives music, emotion, aesthetics, perhaps even life, and culture itself is a direct influence over his/her musical perception. That is why I find music can be such a subjective, open-minded experience both for the observer & creator.
It is always a matter of perspective.


Let your taste guide you.

Let the exploration feel fresh & exciting.

Don’t Just learn the phrase – LEARN FROM THE PHRASE!

Whatever phrase you learn, make sure to learn its concepts rather than just a pile of notes.

  • Find its D.N.A
  • Break the concepts down and move them in various scales/styles
  • Use them to develop your own vocabulary on the guitar.


and all of that my friend can be done when your fundamentals – are solid!

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My online programs offer a wide range of knowledge and support.

Whether you are just starting out as an aspiring Guitar player or you have advanced skills – there is something here for you.

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Land of the Lydian

Land of the Lydian Lydian Is one of my favorite scales, and I have a feeling that I am not the only guitar player who

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